About MacPhoenix: WebSpace

MP:WS is the online home of Jonathan Russell, its creator and webmaster. It is also host to several other writers and artists, with ambitions to become a full-fledged media center for all sorts of artistic endeavors. The site itself is divided into several parts, each of which is outlined below.


WebSpace is the wrapper around all the site and contains the home page and these about pages.


Lounge is the historical foundation of MP:WS. It contains opinion and interactive features, allowing everyone to RELAX! and lounge around on the web. Our proudest feature is RELAX! at the Movies with Thom, written by the excitable Thom Becker. If this site could make money, we’d actually pay Thom for his wonderful movies reviews, but we’re poor, and Thom does his reviews with little reward. For this, we are forever greatful.

Lounge also hosts photos of various events, artwork, and a soapbox.


The soul of MP:WS is Creative. Poets, artists, songwriters, comedians, and essayists all contribute to the Creative pages. We are proud to host each and every person on our site, and are always looking for more. Spend some time expanding your worldview in Creative’s pages.

A subset of Creative is the Blog. Here Jonathan infrequently rants about something or other.


Tech was meant to be something more, but now is where one can find some pretty background images for their computer monitors. It also has the Tech Poll, which was also meant for something else, but now just asks the silly questions that may or may not affect our lives.


Portal is a bunch of links that Jonathan uses to begin his daily weblounging. A couple of things that we’d like to point out are the Random Weather and the Portal image will change on reload, along with the highlight color of Portal. We spent a bit of time doing these things and feel that they are underappreciated by the viewer.


Forum is a desperately underused area of MP:WS. It feels the most unloved of all areas of the site.