Gail’s Manifesto

There are those among us who want only to further this spiritual abandonment. They fall to their knees to worship a Money God, who unfortunately has taken over the world.

The general misconception plaguing our society is that money is needed to gain success. Reality possesses a misleading goal to keep us occupied, activities to soothe us, and make us forget why we are really here. Bright lights, feats of technology, shopping malls, television, cell phones, Internet, gross displays of wealth, all created to pacify our naturally inquisitive minds. In this Capitalist society in which we live, curiosity is a crime. It makes citizens more aware of their surroundings and less apt to conform to a materialistic money driven society; government leaders will not stand for such rebellion. They created this Web of Deceit to silence the truth.

Society presents us with a false goal.
In their eyes: money = success
Humanity has taken a back seat!
Money! Money drives this society!
We no longer love our neighbor, we strive to out-do them!
Money removes us from our spiritual progression.
Citizens scratch and claw at each other trying so hard to come out on top.
Capitalism pits one against the other in a rat race for the glorious prize:
A big house, fancy possessions, and a car to match
(all of which will be fought over when you die)
Do you believe this is truly our purpose as humans?

Money set neighbor against neighbor since each is working for increased personal gain and not for social or human benefit.
Does money rule you?
Do you worship it?

Has society convinced you that money equals success?
Have you become a mindless drone worshipping your possessions?
Money had dethroned the gods.
We are the gods.

Web of Deceit:
Society has weaved a web to distract us from our true cause.
They have forced us to care about brand names and salaries.
They have chained you to your jobs, mortgages, and credit cards.

Compassion for our neighbors no longer exists since we are striving to out do them.
Your realization of how things have gone astray is the first step.
We can change!
It starts with you!

Organized religion is a fallacy.
Nobody really knows the truth... It’s a mystery.
We all ask ourselves the same questions.
What matters is how you treat people, not your bank account, or how expensive your car is.
Throughout history, so many people have dire for religion, and it’s so pointless.
We all have our theories, but nobody knows for sure—
So stop pretending

Moral Guidelines:
There are three simple steps you can do to alter the course of history:

  1. Do unto others as you would have done to you
  2. Do not condemn what you don’t understand
  3. Love your neighbor

By Gail. Permission given to reproduce in any form.