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Essential Data


I say call me Vix. Cuz I abbreviate my real name Vik. It’s with a K. And it’s not for Victor/Viktor. I actually prefer people calling me by my full name; it’s an Indian name… very common over there, and it’s getting around over here, too. Here’s the progression: I first introduce myself as Vik; you’ll get to know my full name, and call me by my full-name… but as we become closer, I’m just Vik again. It’s so annoying sometimes — so I like to just drop the whole damn issue and call myself Vix.


If I knew, I wouldn’t feel a need to ramble.


Either I’m really comfortable or really uncomfortable. Feeling good just puts me in my own world. I like being there more than here. Even though closing up is anti-social…


I’ve convinced myself to forget the past. I dwell on the future. But, when I write, I’m just right here in the present. Only place better than an open stage is an open page.


Maybe because she is not with me? When she is… will I lose my reason why? It scares me how much I want to find out, but when I come off stage… that feeling. That feeling makes me forget about her. Even though, I really don’t know who she is right now.


Through God. Yeah, that makes me sound religio-freaky. But you know that process of not knowing the words… and then suddenly thinking of the words… and then in rapture, grabbing a pen to get it on paper? And then even better, reciting it tighter? And then on stage? What else can be more “through God” than that? That’s why they call it muse-ic.