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To tax, to rule, to take their cut,
And other deeds infernal,
The rulers of a people must,
Point to a threat external.

For eons war has been their spook,
Sacrifice justifying,
OK, while they were killing gooks,
And poor folks did the dying.

Still OK! U.S. war-making
Gives such a massive edge,
So, why not join our leaders,
In jumping off the ledge?

It sort of seems a good excuse:
Depose their former client.
For, after all, he’s killed some folks.
He surely is a tyrant.

To save the Union; free the slaves.
Free Cuba from old Spain;
And throw in too, the Philippines;
And “Remember the Maine”

The Kaiser’s provocation? Well,
He sank the Lusitania!
Make World safe for democracy!
And join the world’s war mania.

Remember all, Pearl Harbor,
And stop the bloody Hun.
The Japs are yellow monsters!
Who think that rape is fun!

Police Korea’s peninsula.
Keep dominoes from falling.
They seemed like good excuses to
Engage in acts appalling.

But I seem to remember,
Why leaders took those courses.
’Cause war was such a good excuse,
To steal some more resources.

So why should I believe, this time,
(Though reasons they present)
That underlying reasons,
Are this time different?

Ask not, to ask rhetorically,
Of war, what is it good for?
It’s good for lots of bad, bad things.
That should be understood more.

Protect the Rothschilds’ British bonds,
From Kaiser and defeat,
Exploit the Hun’s economy,
Betrayed and in retreat.

Bring income tax to working classes.
Exploit both warring nations.
Steal savings from the masses,
With currency inflation.

Tax income at ninety-percent.
Brand all opponents: “traitors!”
There’s more profit in making tanks,
Than cars or elevators.

And stateheads met at Yalta,
About the spoils to yammer:
Gift Europe to Joe Stalin,
The friend of Armand Hammer.

War justifies the growth of power,
Given to the State;
And danger will, our rights, devour.
Fear wins that debate.

Although most of the citizens,
Will take it in the butt,
Elites who wield the increased power,
Will take a princely cut.

So be a little skeptical,
When people tell you: “Fight!”
Just ’cause some liars say it’s so,
That doesn’t make it right.