About MacPhoenix

*Short version:* He’s just this guy, you know?

*A bit longer version:* If I’m successful at anything, it’s never missing the forest for the panorama. Take a look at any one place, object, ingredient, and there is a chain of history that links it to some disparate place or object or ingredient. That chain fascinates me. Sometimes there are incredible stories of missed opportunities. Sometimes there are cautionary tales of disease and destruction. But there is always a chain. What links us all is a shared—but fractured—history where nothing is coincidental and where the growth and triumph of humanity is obvious and astounding in its breadth.

*That wasn’t about MacPhoenix or the blog*: So, excuse me. I wanted to type out my credo.

*It was hardly a credo:* Fine. What should I put down?

*A short biography:* The man that is MacPhoenix was born in 1971 on Long Island to a loving family. He never suffered greatly, nor did he strive for much. He thought he’d become an astronomer, but that required discipline and strong study habits, neither of which he had. Instead, out of an interest in journalism and (because he wore glasses, his advisor assumed) computers, he accidentally stumbled into the nascent world of desktop publishing. He took quickly to page-layout, typography, and fixing the expensive messes when they broke down.

He called himself a graphic designer; although, he was never formally trained. Eventually he called himself a troubleshooter, because “information technologist” was so very lame, but here, too, there was never formal training. He cooked with his father, a chef for 20 years, at two different restaurants. He worked in commercial HVAC repair for about three years, with his father, a chef for 20 years who decided to switch careers for some reason. He worked for Apple for a year, as a Genius in the SoHo retail location, which he takes perverse pride in. He’s created some websites and helped code others. He’s only left the country twice and has never watched the movie *Titanic*.

Currently, he lives with his beautiful wife and their two cats in their wonderful home out amongst the horse farms of Suffolk County, New York. He thinks he should go on the lecture-circuit, because he’s so much fun to listen to, but who’s gonna pay for that?

There, happy?

*I guess. You don’t sound like you’ve done much of anything:* I’m just this guy, you know?

*Aren’t you stealing that phrase from Douglas Adams?: Yes. 42.