Sleepy Cat — In Memory

Sleepy Cat playing with a cord

*This is a repost of a poem I wrote in 2002 about a friend’s cat.*

**Sleepy Cat**

Small of foot
Black and white
Queen of cats
Your throne is my lap
My pillow
My bed
The blanket upon the back of the recliner

Your name
A gift from strangers
Is truer still
Since a lazy Sunday
Can be spent with you
Never leaving the warmth of my body
Impeccably groomed
Capriciously feline
Wary of your domain
Quick with hiss, swipe, or bite
To whatever you dislike
Still you find a spot
To curl and cozy
In some nook created by my limbs

My thoughts can never be grey
With you sleeping and serene
A fitting goddess for my altar
Where I sacrifice the day

Sleepy Cat resting on a fluffy comforter


Blizzard 05: The Snowening

photo of trees in blizzard, 2005.
A view from our library of the blizzard.


Roger Waters

It’s war in the Mideast, and that means that Roger Waters was due to release a new album. There have been rumors of a new rock album for the past 4 years and a new operatic album for the past 6 years. His last album, Amused to Death, came out in 1992. That’s 14 years ago—a long time to deprive his fans.

But he did tour a couple of years ago, and released a kind of greatest hits album in The Flickering Flame. And now he has released two singles, “To Kill the Child” and “Leaving Beirut.” Both are available, free, as streaming audio files on Waters’s website. The songs are also available for purchase and download through various online music stores. Of course, the best place to get them is iTunes.

Of the two songs, “Leaving Beirut” is the stronger and more personal. It is also twice as long as the other. Obviously, both songs are inspired by the current situation our Bozo in Chief got us into, and Waters takes Tony Blair to task for following the Idiot. It’s inspiring to once again hear Waters, even if it takes an awful world-shaking event to move him to write.