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Marrying Mad

Coincidence happens. Never being much of a ladies’ man, I’ve had but six girlfriends from past to present. And, sure, I’ve never believed myself to be much of a catch, but I’ve always tried to be a good guy, in and out of these relationships. So I stay in relative contact with all but one of these past girlfriends. (Debbie, if you read this, you can email me.) Two, I am close to still, not including my current, to whom I am enamored. And the other two, I hear from out of the blue every once in a while.

So the sample is small, but I chuckle about the universe and it’s mathematical games, when I find out that three of my past loves have gotten engaged in the past year. It may not seem like much. Marriage is one of those blessed events that bring families together, and none of these weddings are shotgun. (Whew!) These fine women were bound to have a stable, loving relationship apart from me. But the timing of it bothers me, I guess.

Of course, it’s sour grapes. I can barely own a car, let alone ask my girlfriend to join me in holy joint bank accounting. Over the years, these past girlfriends have gotten their lives together, when I’m still thinking to myself, “When the hell will I grow up?” Sigh.

Or, it could just be fear that my time as a swinging single is going fast. Yeah, that’s it. Still and all, I wish them all the best. These are great people. I still love each one of them. Their futures are brighter because they each have a great guy who will pick them up when they’re down and love them until the end. It’s so romantic. To Michele, Francine, and Jennifer, I raise my mouse in a toast: To love that grows and love that’s past, may you never be without it. –JR

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Random Thoughts

What is a blog? It stands for weblog. I can actually publish this from any browser, so no HTML coding-knowledge is necessary. However, I tend to write my entries in something with a spell checker and a strong search-and-replace feature.

I’ve gotten feedback on both the essays that I put up here, and that is encouraging. Thanks for your comments. I think that I’ll be including those essays on Creative once they disappear from the recent entries list.

If they ever held a contest for the Most Superficial Cities in America, no doubt Las Vegas would win, as it works very hard to earn that title, but I’d be more interested in the runner-up. My nomination is Orlando, Florida. I just visited a very nice, newly commissioned hotel there. The service was great, the rooms comfortable, and the amenities were top notch. But the hotel, not being attached to any of the theme parks in the area, had to come up with a reason to entice tourists to stay there, so they decided to make the hotel a microcosm of Florida. Part of it looks like Key West, part of it looks like St. Augustine, and another part looks like the Everglades, complete with misty swamp and fake alligators. It is very pretty, moderately entertaining, and excruciatingly superficial. A perfect addition to Orlando.

I love randomness. On my Portal page, I’ve included two random features. The first is the logo, which changes color and tag-line on every reload. And the other is the Random Weather, which displays accurate weather description for a random city in America (or American Territories). Or, at least, I thought it was accurate. Both of these random elements were scripted by me with PHP, and since I am a beginner, bugs were inevitable. I know of a couple in the Random Weather generator, but it still caught me by surprise when I found out that Nome, Alaska, was at 85 degrees at about 1 pm (EST) today. It then dropped suddenly to 33 degrees by 5 pm. Believing that my code was more suspicious than Mother Nature, I checked into it, and sure enough, I never considered what may happen when the temperature drops below freezing. This is what I forget by living so far in the south. My code simply ignored the negative numbers and gave a nice warm morning to Nome. What all this meant of course, was that Nome was extremely cold in the morning (something like 22 below zero), but then broke just over the freezing mark by their local noon. Brrr!!