Six Courses, One Stomach

While the Zoloft has helped my mood, nothing has ever been able to help me stay organized. My Palm molders on my nightstand. I find hand written phone numbers on scraps of paper with no identification to whom those numbers belong to. I have idea, after idea, after idea, and cannot work the alchemy to transform those ideas into material.

But this is all good news, really. I picture myself as a kind of mad genius, so I don’t really expect me to be organized or consistent. However, if the ideas go lacking, then I feel dried up and useless. This happened to me this past November to January. And this is why I’m near ecstatic that my muses are pelting me left and right with fantastic concepts. I only hope that I can realize some of these to fruition.

Towards that end, I’m going to note a couple (two-three) things, here, that I hope to achieve in the next few weeks. In a month or so, I’ll give a progress report.

1. Lounge renovations:
The Lounge is an anchor to my site. It is a shame that I let it flounder so long. But no more. I plan a Flash interface, hosted by Balby, with music and humor. I will also only put sections in the Lounge that are complete and have decent content. No more teasing. Finally, long-suffering Thom deserves a significant thank you from me for giving me so many good reviews. I hope he continues to do so, and I have a couple of surprises planned for him and his readers.

2. Wystica:
Wysitca is a fantasy world that a couple of my friends and I are setting up. I plan to post what we create in the creative section of my site. I have a couple of mythologies that I have to finalize, as well.

3. Dystopia:
A novel that I’m working on. I’d like to post it in installments in Creative, and get some feedback. I understand Dickens worked like that.

4. Living Things, Bastille Day:
And sure, why not continue and/or finish these as well.

5. 15kB of Fame:
Now that I’m getting comfortable with PHP and MySQL, I’m looking forward to having a robust bulletin board that completes my vision for 15kB of Fame.

6. Writing emails, calling family and friends:
The toughest challenge. But I will try. I will try.