Suddenly, I get stage freight. I’m not sure why. It isn’t writer’s block, because I know all sorts of funny little anecdotes that I’d like to put up on this blog. There is the great Pinkhaus story. Observations about the nutty bird that shares a house with my girlfriend and me. And yet, I fall silent.

It’s temporary, I’m sure. Just by writing this simple note, I feel the performance anxiety die down.

What caused it? Why silence for two weeks? Laziness cannot be discounted, but I’m able to rationalize two other factors. The first is posting to my blog now sends notifications to two other web sites (here and here), potentially, but not necessarily, increasing my audience (Hi, Mom!). The second factor is someone, somewhere, anonymously sent me a copy of Strunk & White’s Elements of Style, which I just spoke of in my last blog entry.

Thank you, Mr. Anon. I will treasure it, but I am not sure of the message conveyed. Well, it is likely that I will get back into this. The Pinkhaus story to come shortly.