Apparently, I, and everybody I know, are in a very small minority.

Apparently, I, and everybody I know, are in a very small minority. So small, in fact, that we can’t get a couple of Democrats elected into the Senate. Not that Democrats are doing anything to dissent from the Bushie doctrine, but, at least with Democrats, there is a small chance that they will. Republicans will toe the line.

Every bit of news media that I’ve read in the past couple of weeks seemed to believe that Democrats were holding their own. Now it looks (as of 1:30 in the morning after election day) that the Democrats gained one measly seat in the House, lost the majority in the Senate, and that W will gloat that his ideals are America’s ideals.

Are they? Weren’t we, the thinking citizens of this country, supposed to send W a message that we can’t stand him in office? I thought so, but apparently, I am in the minority.

A small bit of good news. Here in my hometown, few bought into Joe Finley’s absurd notion of making America safe by electing him into the House. And Felix Grucci somehow lost to Tim Bishop, which is a huge surprise considering the giant political machine that Grucci is in charge of.
But that’s small beans compared to the Senate. Ah, but the Democrats there weren’t really doing anything to stop W anyway. Maybe that is why thinking Americans just couldn’t find it in their hearts and minds to vote for them. Maybe.

Or maybe I’m just a deluded minority in a blood-thirsty, ignorant nation.

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I understand completely. I did my duty, I went out and voted. However, it’s very disheatening to be in the minority. Like spitting into the wind. But I keep on trying and hoping for change.

Be sure when they come for me..I will take a few of those bastards along.
you should see the party at
let mighty fine weirdness begin.

I wonder if this feeling I have in my gut is the same as what those people in eastern Europe must have felt like when the Iron Curtain descended upon them in 1945 and 56.

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