My father gave me a good bit of advice before the onset of the cold weather. “Son,” he told me, “get yourself a pair of thermal underwear.” His business demands a lot of time spent outdoors, which generally isn’t a problem in the summer, as long as one looks out for dehydration, but the winter gets uncomfortable quickly. Layering clothes helps quite a bit to stay warm, but I cringed at the thought of wearing thermal underwear. Russell’s Law of Thermal Dynamics #1: Clothing that grandmothers want you to wear are lame, nerdy, uncomfortable clothes. My grandmother always told me to wear thermal underwear, t-shirts under my t-shirts, scarves, gloves, knit hats, and heavy winter jackets as soon as the temperature fell below 62

One thought on “Russell’s Law of Thermal Dynamics

  1. Every home is different growing up. I remember growing up poor me and my brother always wore nothing but undershirts everyday to school and I had a jeans jacket with a hooded thermal sweatshirt in cold weather. I remember fineally like when I was older I started wearing long sleeve thermal undershirts in cold weather they always worked for me I still love them

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