I laugh when it hurts

The Bushies are just so, so very funny. Please, join me in a hearty laugh.
John Ashcroft defends his civil rights record. Bwah-ha-ha! Oh, Lord, he says, “More eloquently than any attorney general before or since, Dr. Martin Luther King spoke of…” MLK was an attorney general? Ashcroft wouldn’t have thrown that rabble-rouser in jail a dozen times in as many days? Ha, ha, ha!

GW declares Sunday National Sanctity of Human Life Day. Oh, stop. No. No. Bwah, ha, ha! Non-Iraqi life for sure. Ha! No, get this, it’s the day before the 30th Anniversary of Roe v Wade! Whatta great joke!!! Mr. Fry-em-high-in-Texas is all for the Sanctity of Human Life! It’s a new holiday from the genius behind Jesus Day! Ah, ha, ha!

No, no, health care is too expensive, right? ::Giggle:: Why? ::Snicker:: Because of the amount that injured patients can win from their doctors in malpractice cases. Democrats charge that the changes would deprive patients of fair compensation, but Ari Fleischer, get this, says, “At a time when moms have to change doctors to deliver their babies, that type of division is not helpful.” Huh? What? Ha, ha, ha! Too funny!

But hey, GW is so compassionate that he listens to everyone in his administration. Especially Karl Rove. Oh, that’s not a joke. Damn. I’m done laughing. The biggest joke of the lot is that everyone says Cheney is president, but it’s all Rove. Try this little experiment: Do a Google search of Karl Rove and see how many times his grubby fingerprints are spotted on the Bushie agenda. Too bad we didn’t actually elect him. Hmmm… like shadow, like son.

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