Auntie America v. Protestors

Oh, Auntie America is in a tizzy again.

Protesting is Treasonous during Wartime; keep your mouth shut and your eyes closed.

Oh, Auntie America is in a tizzy again. No matter how popular Uncle Gov may be in the neighborhood, some local kids keep pestering him to clean up his own house before he goes off to work for iRaq Oil Concerns®. Auntie forgets that these kids with their slogans and marches and ideals are actually direct descendants of our father, Mr. Foundings. We are all related, and just because some of us don’t particularly agree with Uncle Gov, that doesn’t mean that we hate Auntie America. She’s a bit batty, sometimes, but a good ol’ broad, nonetheless.

Auntie also forgets that Father Foundings felt it ideal that those of us with grievances should be able to address them to Uncle Gov, even if Uncle Gov doesn’t want to hear it. Dissent isn’t treason; although, little Johnny Ashcroft down the block thinks it is. So maybe, we can say, it is just Auntie American to take issue with protestors.