June Reminder

Radiohead’s _Hail to the Thief_ comes out today. So does Steely Dan’s _Everything Must Go_.

Radiohead’s Hail to the Thief comes out today (10 June 03). So does Steely Dan’s Everything Must Go. Something very negative about those two titles. Bet the albums will be great. (I already know the Radiohead album is great, since I listened to most of it already—although, I was very drunk at the time. I almost wrote a very incoherent blog entry about it, but passed out before I could click the save button.)

In other entertainment news, Mr. Show’s third season will be out in August, along with The Simpsons’ season three. Looks like I know what I’m getting for my birthday. Ah, thank the gods for the high arts.

Lessee, what else? Gosh, it’s been a while since I’ve been here. So I guess some entries this week will deal with my previous hosting company’s demise. I’d like to comment on some comments made in various places on the ’Net. And I’d like to return to blogging in general. Well, we’ll see, won’t we? The proof will be in the blog pudding.