The dog ate my website

Excuses, excuses. What can explain the gaps in posting?

Excuses, excuses. What can explain the gaps in posting?

  1. My hosting company went out of business.
    I’ve been threatening to write about this for sometime now, but Nobody of Nowheresville does a better job of it, and, while our stories are not identical, his is much more interesting. It took a bit of time to get everything right again, in my case, and Optimum Online, despite other assurances, took nearly forever to propagate my new DNS info, and since I use Optimum Online for my Internet connection, I couldn’t see my own site for about two weeks.

  2. My computer died.
    And kept dying. I’ve got one of the most advanced operating systems ever, according to the marketing department, so I was a bit concerned that my computer would just constantly freeze, seemingly randomly, and would be very difficult to restart. It took me, a semi-decent tech guy, a week to diagnose the problem, which turned out to be the… mouse.

    Yeah, once I disconnected my mouse and popped on my old Apple one-button, the machine worked fine. Oh, well, goodbye, Kensington; hello, Logitech.

  3. My S finger is broken.
    S finger? Yes, my left ring finger that types the S and the W and the X while I touch type. But it isn’t really broken, just the nail. In a two day period of self-immolation, I ripped half the fingernail off and electrocuted my left hand. Dammit! I’m just so tired of that left hand!

    No. Not really. I’m just extraordinarily clumsy. But the short of it is that I had a wad of bandages on my left ring finger that made me type dsort odf likwe thias as I mashed the enormous digit into the keys. The bandage is off right now, so I can no longer use that as an excuse, but maybe if I pretend the electrocution did nerve damage to my hand I can still claim that I can’t type correctly, because,

  4. I’m really lazy.