Updates and a tune

Okay, I can admit when I’m wrong. Janet Jackson’s apparent pastie was, in fact, a giant piece of jewelry that fit around her nipple. Well. Ignore most of what I said, then, because it really is the end of civilization.

And, so far, no heads have rolled in the Plame case. This is okay. A grand jury is looking to indict, and I think out of my three predictions, Cheney will still be off the ticket before November. I was hoping for more. I mean, Karl Rove has got to go, and I thought Condi Rice was going to take a fall. Alas. I’ll have to be satisfied with Bush’s continually falling poll numbers.

Speaking of idiots, I created my first Garage Band masterpiece. (Hey! I just insulted myself!) It’s called, wait for it…, “The Idiot (Peeance Freeance).” It has a couple of samples of Bushpeak. These were found on My thanks to them, and Apple. Every instrument was found as a loop. It took no skill whatsoever to create. When I eventually attach a keyboard and learn to play guitar, the possibilities will be boundless. Much fun.

Anyway, here is “The Idiot (Peeance Freeance)” in all its amateurish glory. The MP3 is around 2 MB, so if you’re still on dial-up, it will not be worth it to download. Wait for the remix by The Dust Brothers.