An Imagined Dialog Highlighting the Deficiencies of Our Educational System

Fast Food Patron: I’d like the fish sandwich value meal, please. Voice in Ordering Box: That’ll be $5.43. Drive up to the first window, please. FFP: Okay. (Fast Food Patron drives up to First Window and hands Cashier at First Window a $20 and a $1.) Cashier at First Window: That’ll be $4.99, please. FFP: (confused) What about tax? CaFW: Yeah… (pauses) What? FFP: What about sales tax? You said $4.99. There’s tax, too. CaFW: Yeah. (studies register, then nods) Yeah. That’s $4.99. FFP: (resignedly) Okay! (Fast Food Patron reaches through First Window and grabs the single out of the Cashier at Front Window’s hand, to avoid further confusion.)