I will never understand human behavior

At some point in my life, I am going to have to accept that I am not part of the mainstream. It is clear to me that a majority of my countrymen are completely blind and deaf. They gave legitimacy to the worst president, the vilest mindset, and the party of reactionary, knee-jerk politics.

I felt the winds of change, and it turned out to be smog from an oil refinery.

My days of a prognosticator are over, for sure. My logic is so flawed that I predicted that this administration would reap what it had sown, but time and time again, these udder incompetents squeak through, and no justice is served. How does a reelection help the chances of prosecuting those that leaked a CIA operatives name? How does a reelection show the world that the Iraq war was an aberration? Four more years of anti flag-burning amendments! Four more years of anti gay-marriage amendments! Four more years of idiocy from the top down.

There are some who think that maybe Bush will be a bit more restrained in his second term. For those that do, I offer this quote, from CNN on Wednesday, 03 Nov 04:

“President Bush’s decisive margin of victory makes this the first presidential election since 1988 in which the winner received a majority of the popular vote,” said Card, referring to the White House victory by Bush’s father, President George H.W. Bush. “And in this election, President Bush received more votes than any presidential candidate in our country’s history.”

We’ve given them a mandate. What was once just ugly has turned malignant.

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The next 4 years are going to be Bad, very bad, and all I can say is that most of this country deserves it! I just hope that the ones who deserve it are the ones who suffer.

We’ve now got four years to make certain that he and his followers reap what he’s sown. Four years to be flies in the ointment.
Impeachment, imprisonment, etc. are not out of the realm of possibility.

what i want to know is how these people decided that they were on the side of right?
i was talking to a conservative friend of mine who told me that he does not believe gay marriage should be allowed. He stated simply that republicans believe in small government, that is, the government should set up laws that allow people to live their lives as they want and generally stay out of their way. I asked then why laws cannot be set up to allow gay people to live their lives as they want. he said because we are not going to change our laws for them. very sternly. i asked why they have changed the laws so many times for themselves and he had no answer. How did these people end up on the side of right?

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