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A coffee break

I’m a coffee wimp. My coffee has to be flavored, sweeter than rock candy, and lighter than a glass of milk. But still, there are things I cannot abide by. For instance, Blueberry Creme flavored coffee. I mean, ugh!

(Aside: Creme as a label on food or drink means there is no milk or milk product involved. This is true. Compare and contrast to cream.)

So I accidently found myself drinking Blueberry Creme coffee, after an inept 7-11 employee found he couldn’t read the word “Hazelnut.” Yes, I like hazelnut flavored coffee. As I said, I am a coffee wimp.

But the perfume of the Blueberry Creme should have given it away. I failed to notice this. The coffee, itself, tasted like I lightened it with the left over milk from my BooBerry cereal. This might sound tasty to some of you, but I can assure you, it was as disgusting as most of us believe.

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Get thee to a Dunkin Donuts, and review their “holiday lattes”!** These lil sugar bombs are available in RED and GREEN — though they are called white chocolate raspberry and sumpin sumpin peppermint.
They are, in a word, nasty.
Especially when you realize they aren’t actually lattes at all.
And it’s a human rights violation to dunk your donut into them.
**not available at all DD locations, though I have confirmed their availability at Manhattan’s 23rd Street location (b/t Fifth and Park).

Don’t waste your time with 7-11 or DD-
Go for Starbucks – Real Coffee
and almost 3 times the caffeine- no games.
peace + love + rich(e)rich

Sorry, rich(e)rich, I had to repost your comment. It got lost when I deleted a bunch of spam comments, accidently.
Anyway, I don’t like real coffee, which is why I am satisfied with 7-11. Even Dunkin Donuts is a bit too much coffee for me, when you’re just talking straight coffee. The lattes and dunkachinos and stuff are candy, but the hot stuff they put in the styrofoam cups actually has a pretty strong flavor. And I, as noted, am a coffee wimp. And I don’t like styrofoam.
What was your point, again?
Oh, right. Starbucks, while in paper cups, is too much coffee for me. Way too much. Sumatra or Fallopian or Javadahut or whatever they serve there, whew! too much for my tastes. I like the gingerbread latte, though. (Again, a coffee wimp…)

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