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The Pop-Poseur Rule, Applied to Pink Floyd

I posted this over in the comments of Roger Ailes’s post on Floyd, and I thought that I was so funny and clever that I should post it here as it’s own entry. (I may be funny and clever, but I’m hardly original.) The original post was commenting on some numbnut from the Washington Times who takes issue with the Floyd album, The Final Cut.
There is an argument I make that applies to being a fan of anything. It’s called the pop-poseur rule, and it goes like this:

  1. If you like the one thing that everyone else likes about a popular artist, you’re not a real fan. (With Floyd this would be saying, “My favorite is Dark Side,” or “I like The Wall.”)
  2. If you like the most recent thing by a popular artist, you’re a poseur. (“Division Bell is R0x0rz!!!!1“)
  3. If you know anything about the artist and consider yourself a real fan, then you’re favorite piece is something that will cause arguments with everyone else who has an opinion. (“Animals slightly edges out The Final Cut, but only because there was no keyboards after Waters kicked out Rick Wright.”)

With this in mind, I gotta say, if Division Bell is your top Floyd album, or even in the top 3, you cannot speak of The Final Cut with any authority. You know nothing about Floyd. I dare say you don’t have good taste either.

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To tell truthfully, I’m a huge fan of the post-Waters era. But I do say *fake English accent* I quite like the sound of PULSE and the energy that Gilmour gives the songs. Waters is so weak on the end of Hey You. Gilmour friggin’ screams “no hope at AAAAWWWWWWWWWwwwwwl”
It’s so awesome.

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