Friday Cat Blogging

Friday Cat Blogging: The Curtain

Jinx looks at camera twisting her head from behind a curtain
Melba Honeybee accused me of getting a new camera, which is why I’ve posted “a [thousand][1] [photos][2] of Jinx” on my site. Well, Miss Melba, the camera is 3 years old and the cat is a little over a year, so my recent joining of the pack on [Cat Blogging Fridays][3] is only because I wanted to share Jinx’s beauty with the three or four people who read my blog. *(Hey Kathy! Andrew! Rich! and, of course, Miss Melba!)*
Some may be confusing Jinx with the cat that graces the [Ephemeral Exclamation][4] page, but that particular feline is not Jinx, but Sleepycat, another black and white kitty. I wrote a [poem][5] for her some time ago.
[1]: “Jinx in the Box”
[2]: “Natural Light”
[3]: “And clearly, I’m one of the last to do so.”
[4]: “And that was just her yawn!”
[5]: “Old skool look on this page”

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I don’t what you are talking about Mr. Johnathan.
I never said “thousands” maybe…”hundreds” then again I was drinking that night so I am lucky that I didn’t wake up naked on my front lawn with a pink plastic flamingo duct taped to my ass…
that’s my story and I am sticking to it

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