Friday Cat Blogging

Friday Cat Blogging: The Curtain

Jinx looks at camera twisting her head from behind a curtain Melba Honeybee accused me of getting a new camera, which is why I’ve posted “a thousand photos of Jinx” on my site. Well, Miss Melba, the camera is 3 years old and the cat is a little over a year, so my recent joining of the pack on Cat Blogging Fridays is only because I wanted to share Jinx’s beauty with the three or four people who read my blog. (Hey Kathy! Andrew! Rich! and, of course, Miss Melba!) Some may be confusing Jinx with the cat that graces the Ephemeral Exclamation page, but that particular feline is not Jinx, but Sleepycat, another black and white kitty. I wrote a poem for her some time ago.

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I don’t what you are talking about Mr. Johnathan. I never said “thousands” maybe…”hundreds” then again I was drinking that night so I am lucky that I didn’t wake up naked on my front lawn with a pink plastic flamingo duct taped to my ass… that’s my story and I am sticking to it

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