In this time of the brutal War on Christmas, it takes a strong leader to remind us what is really important, which is the continual War on Reason. No matter how far into ignorance and blindness we must go, King George will lead us there, appointed by God, anointed by Jesus, and filled with the Holy Spirit.
King George. We are so lucky to have him. Any lesser man would be troubled by [breaking the law][1] [over][2] and [over][3] and [over][4] again. But unto the King, no laws need stand, for he is Law, and he is Justice, and he is merciful to his subjects, even when they [disagree with him][4a]. And King George knows he must break the law to protect us, because otherwise we might vote for the opposition party, and they do not have the balls to do what is right in the face of imminent danger, oh yes one-day-in-the-nebulous-future-imminent danger.
King George. Appointed by God’s Heavenly Agents on Earth. Anointed by [the press][5]. Filled with Holy Spirit as only a dry drunk can be. Why were we the lucky ones? What if King George had been born unto the [heathen oil-drillers][6]? What if King George had had but one successful business venture instead of [several failed ones][7] before entering politics? What if King George had [concentrated][8] his whole life to ethics, sociology, history, politics, or economics? Would he still be our King?
Thankfully, these need no answer, because he his our [King][9]. And may God have mercy on us all.