Short Subjects

Palms down

I was going to go on a tear about **International Delight** coffee creamers, because they have palm oil in them. Comparing this to **Nestlés Coffee-Mate** creamers, which have soybean and cottonseed oil, I thought it was clear which one to buy. Of course, non-dairy creamers are bad shit to begin with, but if you’re going to use them anyway, you might as well use the one that will kill you the slowest. So the one with palm oil was surely the worst of the worst.
Because I know how bad palm oil is. Doesn’t everybody?
Hmmm… let me [check up][1] on that before I post how bad it is. Huh. It’s not that bad. In fact, it’s [better][2] than [partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil][3], because all partially hydrogenated oils have [trans fats][4]. Those are the things that make butter healthier than margarine. Can you imagine that? Butter better for you than anything else?
So, palm oil, because it is so high in saturated fats (sounds bad) doesn’t need to be hydrogenated (really bad) to stay oily in food products. And palm oil, if it isn’t handled too much, may decrease cholesterol (get outta here!) and is rich in anti-oxidents. Damn.
Now, palm *kernel* oil… [that’s still bad][5].