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Rolling Stones sell Rice Krispies c1964

Oh, so sweet. Before they were popular, the Stones sang a jingle for Rice Krispies. Bet they didn’t get nearly the same royalties for that one that they did for “Start Me Up.” (Via [Daring Fireball][1])


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I return from a weekend in the country, alarmed to find an air of ill will between my blog and yours. Kemperton is an erudite fellow, but given to impish japes in my corner of the blogosphere. Please rest assured his vulgar comments are not endorsed by the team here at deadly doppelgangers. We are a small family blog run strictly in line with codes of blog etiquette and a clear policy regarding spelling, punctuation and grammar.
So, that’s that cleared up I hope…..
(BTW – I didn’t think they shouda fallen in love either, but hey, I guess we all kinda expected them to get ‘creative’ with it…My cynical fears were realised!)

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