The Albatross

There is an overwhelming aspect to caring about things. Events that I cannot possibly control knock my psyche about. Sure, I want to write about them, and if you were to talk to me, face-to-face, very quickly I would rant about them, but what really is the point? Nothing is going to change.
This is the Jim inside of me.
And now, the Erick in me just wants to play [World of Warcraft][1].
The Keith in me wants to redesign the website again.
And the Jonathan in me won’t do anything until these guys all agree on something. So I usually just end up playing more WoW.
So the website sits idle, and the blog just fills up with junk comments, while the commentary in my head swirls around until it’s forgotten. Then Kathy says to me, after one of my rants about no one understanding history, “You really should write this down.” She wants to tell other people about the things that we discuss, but she can’t remember all of it. Having it in one easy place to read, with maybe a nice simple link to send to someone, might help her.
It’s a good idea. I really should write these things down.
[1]: “Vacuuming time and money from talented people since 2005.”

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