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Kurt Vonnegut: 1922 – 2007

Excerpt from **Breakfast of Champions**, 1973:
> Trout accepted the invitation after all. Two days before the Festival was to begin, he delivered Bill into the care of his landlady upstairs, and he hitchhiked to New York City—with five hundred dollars pinned to the inside of his underpants. The rest of the money he had put in a bank.
> He went to New York first—because he hoped to find some of his books in pornography stores there. He had no copies at home. He despised them, but now he wanted to read out loud from them in Midland City—as a demonstration of a tragedy which was ludicrous as well.
> He planned to tell people out there what he hoped to have in the way of a tombstone.
> This was it:
> SOMEBODY (Sometime to Sometime) He Tried
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