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Goodbye Dad?
The headline? The top story? Really?
K… show of hands. Who here is eager to go through the pain of childbirth without having that modicum of pleasure we get from sex? Listen, I know there is a small subset of women, who, for whatever reason, can’t get pregnant from their partner. I know it’s [big business][1]. But is this really national news? Or, maybe, are they just trying to scare the easily scared by intimating that we won’t need men anymore?
And honestly, speaking as an endangered male, good riddance. Who the hell needs us? Without men, we wouldn’t have G or GW Bush. No Dick Cheney. No Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, or Ann Coulter.
Cheap shots aside, the only thing that being able to combine two eggs into a fertilized zygote would do is give hope to a few thousand childless couples. “Goodbye Dad?” Ugly and unnecessary. Time for me to link to a new news site.

One reply on “Seriously?”

Hehehe, I saw this as the tip story on MSNBC and went right back to CNN. For shame, MSNBC.
That being said, I think as long as there are spiders in the world, women will have a use for men ;)

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