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They can charge money for that? Pt 2

Seen at the local **PETCO** — **Petmate**® *Cat Crazies*®:

Cat Crazies

“Cats go *CRAZY* over these specially designed toys!” If only the inventor of the cap on plastic milk cartons thought of this. My step-dad walks into **7-11** in the morning and gets a dozen of these for free.

But cats do go crazy for them. Both of my cats fetch the milk-cap rings. Indy or Jinx will come up to either Katherine or me and drop one by our feet. Then he or she will meow until we throw it. Then he or she will chase it and bring it back, until the other one gets involved, and then it’s no fun anymore.

In a pinch, the ring left from unsealing a vitamin bottle will work too, but those are a stiffer plastic and subject to quicker destruction via kitty teeth. It isn’t pretty. But it sure is cheap.