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MSNBC can’t report financial news very accurately

Two headlines on the very same **MSNBC** page at the same time (as of 10:45 AM).
This one is at the top:

>**Wall Street seesaws in early trading**

>Stocks slump at opening bell amid continuing investor uneasiness before *bouncing back.*

*Emphasis mine.* This one is further down, but reflects the current trend:

>**Wall Street tumbles for a second day**

>Wall Street tumbled again Wednesday, with investors uneasy about the health of the economy and earnings after disappointing reports from big names like Apple and Motorola.

I’d also like to point out that **Apple** had *its [best financial quarter][1] ever*. **Ever**. I’m not sure how that’s disappointing. I guess if you’re a news organization aligned with **Microsoft**, the best financial news ever from its competitor would be disappointing.

But going back to the way MSNBC reports on financial news, specifically on the stock market, I’ll check in a couple times a day, and if stocks are going down at one point, the headline will read something like, “Investors shaky on Fed meeting.” If the stocks move back up, the headline will read “Investors show confidence on Fed meeting.” And the article itself will stay the same. It’s totally ridiculous.

Meanwhile, my investment advice: Run for cover! The whole dang thing is gonna crumble on down!


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LOL :)
“if you’re a news organization aligned with Microsoft, the best financial news ever from its competitor would be disappointing.”
That is the truest and funniest thing I’ve heard all day.

Let me yell you a thing about the Apple. They made computers right?
I happened to find an old WIRED from c.1998, and the cover had a rainbow apple (this was before there were homosexuals*) it was ensnared by some barbed wire, and the caption said “pray”. Funny that,Jobs shortly returned, Those pesky gays took the Rainbow and Apple was now represented by a stark white solid symbol. A harbinger of things to come? you tell me.
Now Being an Apple user from the mid-90’s ( i used ’em before, but really had no use for ’em), and primarily a self-styled independent “person” I gravitated to the marketing of the Apple. I loved the product, it gave me a lifestyle, and more importantly it helped give me career direction, in the form of it’s powerful lithographic and design tools.
It wasn’t the imac’s or G4’s so much as OSX, (as much as I think it’s the best OS for me) I began to see which way the wind was blowing as the big brother thing began to rear it’s head. Then came the iPod! wow they made a consumer device! Cool! I want one! (5 minutes later) I want the new one!, and so forth….and then the iPhone, which the brainchild of this lies in the subscription, not the hardware. What makes this even more insidious is that he (Steve-o) could give these things away…
But the company does have a bottom line, and that seems to be “hand-over-fist”. The iPhone is truly where Apple has parted ways with it’s early idealism.
AM I the only one seeing Apple turning into the Galactic Empire before our eyes? As in all revolutions, once your in the drivers seat, you have no choice but to become the establishment, and you HAVE TO MAINTAIN that pole position, no matter the cost. But like all good and still-naive idealists, I keep waiting for someone to actually come along and change the world, not build another “Machine” – You can take the metaphor however u like.
Consumerism comes in many guises, not all of them wrapped in a wal-mart banner. Been to a Whole Foods Market latley?
Fuck them all.
The end is near.
Happy Valentines Day!
*Not to offend gays anywhere (my references are made with irony in mind, just in case my subtle sacrasm dosen’t seep through my middle-class prattling or if your just too dense) but it just seems that at the time the rainbow dissapered from the Apple image, it also became (in a large point-of-presence) the icon of the Gay community.

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