John McCain is a rich, old white man, [out of touch with US workers][1].

John McCain is a rich, old white man, [who believes women shouldn’t have equal pay][2]. (Ironic, since his second [wife, an heiress][7], is the one who financed his political rise.)

Straight-talkin’ John McCain embraces [the Confederate flag, Bush’s tax-cuts][3], and [agents of intolerance][4] when it becomes necessary to court the racist, rich Evangelicals that vote Republican.

John McCain [wants to keep us in perpetual war][8] with a [group of people he knows nothing about][5].
Anti-lobbyist maverick John “I’m the only one the special interests don’t give any money to” McCain’s campaign is run by a [cadre of lobbyists][6].

Straight-talkin’ John McCain [violated his own campaign finance][10] law, [gaming the system][9] so he could pay for his campaign using public funds if he lost the primary.

Man-of-the-people John McCain [missed almost 60% of the votes][11] in the Senate since January 2007. He’s still missing a majority of the votes after clinching his parties nomination. In second place is Senator Tim Johnson who suffered a brain hemorrhage in December 2006.

McCain is not populist. He is wealthier than either Democratic candidate; a true 1%er who is not concerned with working conditions or the trials of everyday life. His base is Washington media types, who share his wealth and aristocratic tastes.

McCain is not a maverick. He votes with his party over 88% of the time, slightly less than Republican stalwart Trent Lott, but more than Republican stalwart Orrin Hatch.

McCain is not a straight-talker. He has flip-flopped on issues ranging from abortion choice (was for it, now against it) to campaign finance (was for it, now against it) to tax-cuts (was against them, now for them). These are not the changing opinions of a man who has learned from past mistakes. These are the pandering of man who feels he is owed the presidency, and he will say or do anything to get it.

John McCain is George W. Bush’s choice for president. John McCain is status-quo, failed policies, out-of-touch, elitist. Why would any American vote for him? Why would any American vote for 4 more years of failure?


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Why would anyone vote for any of these characters? FUCK THE VOTE in 2008.

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