Short Subjects

Dumb things around the island

I keep meaning to take my little digital camera with me to work, since I’m all over the place, every day, and take pictures of the signs that I think are cool or, more often, stupid. I forget every single day, since a morning person I am not. Still, there are two things that I can describe, without a problem so here they are:

  1. We’ve got a congressman running in our district, Joe Finley or some-such, who has the stupidest tag-line I have ever seen. It says, “Elect Joe Finely. Make America Safe.” Now, I don’t know how electing a freshman into Congress would ever Make America Safe, and the sign does not elaborate, but I did check out Joe’s website, where I learned that, as a Republican, he shares GW’s vision. Great. I’m so sure that will help. Please, laugh out loud, as I did, when you read his position on Social Security. And keep in mind that no matter what Democrats or Republicans or the Media say, Social Security is solvent and can currently pay out benefits longer than it could have in the past 40 years, without one bit of change to our taxes or payouts.
  2. The next bit of stupid signage is a license plate. It says, “IXXI MMI.” At first, I admit, I was the stupid one, trying to figure out what the number IXXI represented. Was it 19–1? 1–21? A score of some sort? Could this guy mean 1921? Oh, oh, wait it is 9–11. Oh! 9/11/2001! Oh. Why? We all know the day’s significance, but why put it on your license plate? Why encode it? Useless maudlin.

Okay, well, that wraps up this episode. I really am going to try to get the camera out there. Every day I see something that I think, oh that’s cool, or, oh that’s effen ridiculous. And I’d like to share these with you, my faithful dozen.