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Instantaneous ruckus ridden rambunctious
random social functions
leads to the…

Heed of word spoken with emotional high-notes
to make heart and souls float like,
21st century,
safety ridden,
Zeppelin-like helium-filled tote bags.

Add an attaché case of up in your face vernacular.

Origin: deep-spaced-out-nose-deep-dictionary-definition-addiction.

Sunburst like spectacular sight in the form of any writing utensil.

Also holding the might
of what seems like the stencil of the right path
life direction
on this fucked up map.

The reflection of this intersection
desired at my moment of ultimate tired
compiled on top of me being aged past perfection
should last as a recollection past mortal comprehension.

Figurative word play dispels everyday monotony properly.

With enough creative property
to let my dog of a mind unleash its
animosity or whatever other emotions can possibly jostle me
and my Gemini dichotomy or,
a.k.a my miscellaneously spontaneous though store shopping sprees.

Interpretation relieves.

Translation supersedes meditation.

Where-in forming a bond stronger than ten Voltrons.

It’s almost like living a lucid dream hallucination
then coming to the realization that your floating soul
is ponderingly wondering in the moat around the universe.

Contemplating fondly,
our anthropology to be.