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Idealistic Altered Perception Platform

I found the platform where I can literally taste my dormant awake-ness.

A rolling hill with a somewhat still,
murky-water filled scar.
In the territory of my youth’s glory that
Takes me to that
past tranquil pace that enabled me to erase,
all the irate days.

It still plays its role of
realization of self,
balance and control.

Because when it’s benevolent presence
was represented in actuality,
after over a dogs year,
I felt like I had spent over nine lives
in that one spot
just the night before.

That one spot that my real eyes had been denied,
cried the purest form of security.

Not even a kernel of ambiguity
was found on my life’s movie theaters’ floor;
as I began to comprehend the door
in which I had just entered.

The vortex to my soul wrapped in
symbolic subconscious surrealism.

The black whole portal
leading to the wholeness of my whole existence.
Seeps the effect of my environment
into my fantasy bucket through interpretation
trickling out of holes smothering itself amongst my soul.

Gathered are my thoughts and
this lucid dream state matter
became fact before my tired eyes
grew more and more conscious and
more and more aware to life’s cycles.
Forget the two-wheeled bi-.
Try infinite denominations of destiny spokes
within self tires
turning innumerable revolutions around my
ever changing multi-wheeled life bike.

On the universes main turnpike,
I’m kinetically cruising.
Pick and choosing side roads
chock full of fantasy illusion…

This launch pad to which takeoff is held to my discretion
has brought to my attention
the aspect of reflection
to a past peaceful breaker of your tension,
to easily commence in the dissension
of an idealistic altered perception.

So grab all your sorrows
Or whatever else you can borrow
from your scarred,
chained up,
barred behind a self manifested steel gate
everyday contemplation state
to elate the essence of
your lucid dream state presence.