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How did I expect myself to see straight?
When I would willingly desecrate my will power dam,
like a bi-polar beaver.

Diminishing my addictive predicament flood gate by,
merging the cohesion of mental chemistry alteration
with poignant procrastination,
Lead me to pick apart and probe every situation

Looking for the
ever constant hidden message through
over thought conspiracy theories.
Paranoia, deliriously serious
I fear me
getting to

Standing on many legs like
a centipede of greedy habitual dependencies
rendering these synapse
leading to inaccurate perceptions perhaps.

Relax, relapse, brain would clap, crap out
and echo off the fulla flack walls in my armory of a mind.

The door was always closed cause I could never find the key just letting myself be

Be more like clouds.
Ever moving and changing.
Creating natural disaster rapture
as well as capturing snapshot perfection
in an unreciprocal fashion.

Never mind the ornamental
actions instilled in our knowledge sponges
since before we could even realize what was happening.

We exist within a snow globe of hope.
Gripped by a persistent grasp that
Shakes up things,
when they drag ass.
And wakes up beings,
when they fly their spirit flags at half mast.

You’re not going to find me as no
Corporate ladder climbing puissant kiss ass
I cannot be confined to any cubical.
I find it suitable to stay fresh like
a manicure straight down to the cuticle.
So when things lag on like a musical
I could spit points irrefutable like
I play both the pro’s and con’s.

I am a walking mental debate
Saturated in both sides of my looking glass
I used to go ask Alice for life’s advise
And a bucket of ice
concealing enough numbing agents to suffice
me feeling happy till the next night
I didn’t have the might to roll my lethargic ass out of bed.

Be aware.
Life is not meant to be looked at
through a blank stare.
Say good-bye to fear.
We are all here for our own reasons
Listen to the inner voice for yours to hear.