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Poetry to Me

Poetry to you can be anything,
Poetry to me is…
Creative interpretation.

Poetry is the product of my mind
chaotically racing.

Placing a therapeutic agent adjacent
to my overwhelming need to create a
unique placement for my long life lived.

Behind the scenes producer,
director and editor of my self-titled
cinematic epic,
personifying the fulfillment
of my each and every, ever aspiration.

Poetry seems to me to be low beams in the fog.
Each ground hugging cloud, accounts for a continent.
While every droplet of mist exists as a persistent person,
reflecting annoying high beams
blinding originality prone brave souls that roam
desolate roads causing no self control.

Poetry is chance, change,
acceptance and the act of adaptation
compressed into a bouncing ball guided
by childlike innocence fighting emotional resilience
in a room with not one visible wall.

Poetry is freedom.
Contrary to popularity,
I believe “set in stone,” “structure”
is its flaw.

Poetry is both loose and raw.
At the same time it binds the
vocal chords of a generation against
its ritualistically stereotypical
outside-perspective observations.

Poetry is a universal invention
to tweak and master in ones own idea of perfection.