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Insane Hallucinations

I am often enveloped within insane hallucinations
which graphically portray, like Sony Playstation Eight,
how the world betrayed and ate itself.

There is so much wealth
that is un-spread out,
while the rich get richer
the poor just get pissed on
and pushed out of the picture.

Sketchy pencil mark people
reap and eat what they past served.
Well deserved.
Hollow statements.

Estimate the time taken for rhymes to coagulate within minds eye
and strangulate negative vibes by spontaneous design.
I’m awaiting gradual gravitational pull for me to fulfill what can be done.

Against my will: Destructive distillation, placing me as a patient with no patience.
Ripping the walls down, creating rearrangement in my own derangement.

Intertwined with a semi-psychotic mind fuck, certain certainties seem pertinent.
While things that have no matter, carry more volume than your ears can hear.
Shattering eardrums out of proportion.
While you realize the mental abortion of past thoughts,
brought to your attention with no mention,
because cats would see you as from another dimension.
Not sensing your never quenching thirst for knowledge bursts.

Fuck book smart. Start up vocabulary as an art.
Choose to live outside the confines of corroded conformism.

Affection deficit disorder smothered in character deformation,
in turn contorted to a mental courtship with those who have no grip on reality.

They get fun dipped like the licked stick and sugar coated quick before lips are able to spit the secret tongue of truth.
They fit the shoe.
Size incompetent, un-individualistic, follow the crew.
Do what they do.
Be the prelude to life screwed.
Exude aura of mysticism.
Open up eyes to multicultural/colored hidden lights of lives prism.
Be not the prisoner of your tired environment,
but the one with their eyes bent on outside the box cerebral conference.