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Comin’ at you so hard and so fast…

Comin’ at you so hard and so fast
Yo you better duck quick give up cash
Or end up with a blood bath
I cut the brakes to your C-class you hopefully crash
End up with a combination of whiplash and road rash
I fill up half your glass with piss ’cause this pessimist is known
For kickin’ weak motherfuckin’ ass
So think fast or rather quick
’Cause I’m sick and the shit that I kick will rip the panties off
Your chick and have that trick take a lick on my dick just as
Quick as your 35mm clicks kid
What the fuck you gonna bust?
Thought I just did
Not new at this so don’t get me twisted walk up in the party
Two beers double fistin’ pay close attention
Or don’t even listen
The shit I’m spittin’ gonna make this microphone glisten
No sippin’ Cris an’ no hittin’ chicks and fuck around with me
Get your front teeth kicked in
Go ask Easy Wider how easily I licked ’em
Don’t be a victim