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I’ve been known to grab a hold of your brain…

I’ve been known to grab a hold of your brain
And twist the frame slightly out of range
If you can do the same step on stage and speak your name
But you better trust your aim
’Cause I function on a higher plane where I drop the lame
Down like rain
Leaving them in insurmountable pain without a trace of
Remains for their next of kin to claim or a face to blame for
This insane lack
Of lyrical responsibility
I leave these people chill and free
You tight-ass cats are killin’ me
You close your eyes and still it’s me
’Cause you haven’t had your fill of me
My spoken word ability combined with microphone agility in
Close proximity to the vicinity of this facility
Has got to be a major liability
But that all mean a hill of bean in this room of drunken
Poet Fiends
So light your mind and smoke with me
As I get you all high vocally
No clue what this world holds for me or what I hold for it
So far I’ve learned to trust no one
’Cause most are full of shit
So load your clips with knowledge and shoot them in the sky
While you spend your time stressin’ life I’ll spend my time
Gettin’ by
And before I say goodbye there’s two thing I’d like to mention
Love will leave you scarred
And sex relieves tension