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My poetry is not for the ears of children…

My poetry is not for the ears of children
But if y’all people are willin’
Then sit back relax and try not to slip in what I’m spillin’
’Cause ill is how I’m livin’ when I’m put in this position of poetic precision
And if you all could vote for me I don’t need no split decisions
In Münchaba Lounge tonight the Magic Hat is flowin’ nice
An’ I’m bullshittin’ with some chick who’s directly to my right
If I’m a lucky dog
Well she just might get a bone
But this bone’s no good for biting girl
So wait ’til we get home
When we’re all alone I can show your tits and clit more
Interest than your average homeowners’ loan
Now we’re into long sessions of orgasmic moans
Me and you are in the zone off the hook goes the phone
Makin’ more cream than Coolwhip ’til your mind gets blown
Then I send you home with that shaky-leg feelin’
I get you more high than homegrown
I’m the original with no clone the only ice I rock comes in a snow cone
Not trying to front
If you are you need to go home
I lyrically decapitate
How you gonna talk shit with no dome
And how you gonna get on stage and kick it if you sittin’ there with no poem
My literature is for real it’s not important if you doubt it
Cause I make no bones about it
I get up here and rip shit whether this place is empty or it’s crowded