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Dark or the Light

With more cold cuts
Than your local deli counter
I make your girl so nuts
She screams my name when you pound her
I mean I’ll gladly knock you down
But I ain’t here to fuck around sir
I’ll throw your ass out quick like Miles the Bouncer
I don’t want to be a bother I’m not ready to be a father
And I might breakdown if I work any harder
University ain’t for me
But everyday I’m getting smarter
Smokin’ more weed than Supercat
So dun dada
Pride myself on strength with not much pity for the weak
Super loquacious big mouth sex freak
I speak freely if need be
So keep your thoughts to yourself
When you motherfuckers see me
I’ll leave you tied to the tracks
That my train of thought runs across
The Earth is the source
And although we still wander
Seeking our life’s proper cause we are not lost
Nor are we waiting to be found or heard
Don’t that sound absurd
Found by who heard what
Hear my words find yourself and get in touch
Before you get stuck in a rut down on your luck
In your pocket no a buck for lack of a better word
Before you get fucked
Our journey’s full of choices but that’s what they call life
So the wrong or the right man the dark or the light
I watch the wise man walk while the weak man fights
So the wrong or the right y’all the dark or the light
You could have a relationship that’s strong
Or 365 consecutive nights of fights
The wrong or the right y’all the dark or the light
Do it now or regret it for the rest of your life
The wrong or the right y’all the dark or the light