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I’m sick of motherfuckers…

I’m sick of motherfuckers askin’ me what the fuck you wanna do with your life
I’m sick of not knowing
What the fuck I wanna do with my life
I’m sick of motherfuckers looking at me like I’m some kind of ax-murderer every time I light up a cigarette
I smoke you don’t if you don’t life it
Fuck you
I’m sick of these twenty-something motherfuckers
Still talking about their high school football team and how much they kicked ass
No one fuckin’ cares
And I bet he’s dating a girl who’s still in high school
And he’ll be in the high school parking lot at three o’clock
Sharp convertible top down shirt off waiting to pick her up
Go kill yourselves you borderline pedophile motherfuckers
I’m sick of pretty girls sayin’ they’re fat or ugly
Just so I’ll say they’re not
Listen if you deserve a compliment you’ll get one
If you still need to go fishin’
Self-confidence pond is around the block
I’m sick of this bullshit justice system
That’s gonna let these terrorist motherfuckers who used our technology to attack our country
To now use our court system to get off the fucking hood
Fuck that
I’m sick of the birds, sick of the bees, sick of everything that lives and breathes
I’m sick of you, him, and her
But most of all I’m sick of me