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I hate to be so paranoid. But when a Bushie gets into office, a year later they cancel the one show that would actually be brave enough to have critics of the regime say uncomfortable things on network television. Apparently, when Bill Maher could target a Clinton presidency, Disney had no problem letting him eviscerate those that deserve it. Maher is intelligent, cynical, and skeptical, all things that we need in a talking head.
I still have hope, since Dennis Miller is still on the air, but, of course, even he was dropped by Disney after the bizarre experiment with him and Monday Night Football. Will Time Warner, owner of HBO, decide that Miller is out of touch with the teeming masses that watch cable? Eventually, yes, but I am hopeful that it won’t be for another three years.
My advice to Bill Maher: Get an Internet soap box. It works well for Michael Moore. Currently, is hijacked by some Jesus-freaks, which is ironic, since Maher himself is pretty much an outspoken atheist. Do they believe that anyone who enjoys Maher’s biting wit will stumble here and hear the Word of God, repent, and deny this world? Good luck. And has been claimed by a naive domain-name prospector, hoping for some untold millions when Disney desperately begs for the name. Ooops! Sorry chowder-head! The show’s been cancelled, you’ve been wasting your time.
I offer my site to you, Bill. It isn’t much, but it occupies just as much Internet real estate as ABC, Disney, and When I finally reopen Lounge, it sure would be nice to have a star of your magnitude on the inside, no offense to Thom. I can’t pay you anything, but you can keep 50% of the profits from the CafePress T-shirts we’ll sell. And I promise never to censor you for saying things that need to be said.

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There is no secret that the powers dat be are controlling the media as they become more and more desperate to hide the truth. But why exactally hide the truth? People seem content to rot in front of TV, regardless of the content, and really do absolutely nothing to change the state of the state. We need to rise up and crush the government or rather merely take back the power that was ours, which we willingly gave to the government. My advice to evey one is to stop wasting time, and do something….ANYTHING…….and work together to stop this juggernaught from destroying mankind. Peace—-Beaudacious

Aloha Bill from Kauai, Hawaii
My husband and I strongly support you and your ideas. I ache in my heart , as trite as that may sound, for the silence we will now endure without Politcally Incorrect. I am amazed and yet why should I be? My husband is a Vietnam Vet who suffers from many complications from agent orange, white and blue. The picture keeps getting smaller.
I will alert all my friends about the lack of you on tv, who do not watch tv, but ‘do’ have computers. I will touch base often to try to understand ‘the other side’ of it all.
Mahalo (thank you) for all that you have taught us and thank you for your passion!

I am one of the many fans who enjoyed Politically Incorrect. The show was very informative. looked forward to it each evening. It will be missed. Is there a way to get in touch with Mr. Maher personally?

Politically Incorrect was a breath of fresh air which will be sadly missed. Appparently, honesty is to be censured.

Ultimately, Bill Maher lost his show because he didn’t understand what the audience (his sponsors) needed from him. Whether this is some sort of example of censorship from ABC, I couldn’t tell you, but I’m not sure that the loss of Maher is all that great. His show essentially consisted of a riotous parody of the news conducted by celebrities that couldn’t spell “Israel” if you spotted them the Old Testament. Irony might be a legitimate form of argumentation, but let’s start using it in a forum that is actually familiar with the issues at hand. Parody is only useful in the event that it parodies some legitimate communication, but Politically Incorrect didn’t ever get that and never would have either.

bill: I miss you on tv and hope and pray that you will again be on tv so that the masses will once again know that this is the land of the free.

Bill your a joke and your show is ANYTHING BUT POLITCALLY INCORRECT its so PC it makes me vomit good riddens and to all you people in the above posts…… WAKE THE F#*K UP!!!!!!!!

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