Is this thing on?

A quick discovery: Vanilla Coke sucks.

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I concur that Vanilla Coke sucks….and Lemon Pepsi tastes like Fantastic.

Vanilla Coke tastes great! A little vanilla syrup mixed with Coca-Cola in the just the right proportio…oh wait! You’re talking about that new, poorly labeled, pre-mixed stuff huh? Yeah, that does suck!

I cannot for the life of me figure out what these normally very shrewd companies are thinking. Add the essence of lemon to Pepsi, just like thousands of people do every day, and you get Lemon Pepsi. Add some vanilla syrup to Coke and get Vanilla Coke. How difficult is this? Every diner on Long Island makes a far better Cherry Coke than Coca-Cola does, and diner Coke is flat in flavor and carbonation.
Thanks for the comments, Jill and Tom, but where’s Cindy’s comment?

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