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Chick Pea Salad

And this non sequitur is sponsored by Lingua Shapta. We performed for the very first time on stage at the Munchaba Lounge in Levittown, Long Island, New York, USA, Earth. In my unbiased opinion, we did pretty good. In my rockstar persona, we kicked major ass, dudes!!!

We’ll eventually do it again, to be sure, but look for a QuickTime movie to be uploaded in a week or so. That’ll be in Creative, in the special Lingua Shapta section, which doesn’t exist yet.

And being that I only write one blog entry per day, at best, I shall completely change subjects again to point out that I’m linking to a couple of other blogs, Breakfast of Champions and Evilninja, because they’re just fine fine blogs that are updated a helluva lot more often than this one and are funny and interesting and thought provoking and all the good stuff that blogs should be. Breakfast of Champions is run by Erynn, who lives in a mystical land to the north that she calls “Canada.” Evilninja is an American, but secretly so. Share and enjoy.

Chick pea salad is what I’m eating right now. Ah! Bet you thought there was no reason for that. Right? Right?

My back is killing me. Ouch.

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You guys did “kick ass” last night!
And try laying on your back on the floor. They say that it helps your back. I don’t know who they are though, so don’t ask.

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