So I’ve been fortunate enough to have been a part of “The Carnival of Arts” festivities every Thursday at the Munchaba Lounge in Levittown for the past month. It is an open-mike poetry night, along with a couple of other artistic endeavors. I’ve read “Raw,” “Spring Cleaning,” “Counting Backwards,” and several other of my poems in front of a very generous and responsive audience. It is much fun. Consider this an open invite for any Thursday, around 11 p.m., to come on down and see me, and quite a few other more-talented performers, grace the stage at Munchaba. Need directions? E-mail me. But wait! Lingua Shapta, the fusion of my poetry with the musical genius of rich(e)rich, will be making it’s first live appearance at Munchaba’s “Carnival of the Arts” in two weeks. That’s Thursday, September 19th. We’ll perform “Raw” and “Song XVI.” Wow!