On a different site, I elucidated the obligitory six rules that any drinking game should have. Since it reminded me of good times, I decided to post it here as well, dedicated in fondest memories to Beau:

  1. Players cannot say the words “drink,” “drank,” or “drunk.”
  2. Players must ask permission from rest of group to temporarily (as in go to the bathroom) or permanently (as in pass out) leave the game.
  3. No foul or coarse language at the table, please. (Unless the rules of the game stipulate that specific foul or coarse language is appropriate, vis a vis the card game “Asshole.”)
  4. Players cannot call any other members of the group by their first and/or last name. Each player must be referred to by a nickname that does not include, or is an abbreviation of, their real names.
  5. No finger pointing.
  6. Any disputed breach of these rules and the rules of the game, proper, shall be decided by all members not involved in the dispute, henceforth known as the “kangaroo court.”
  7. There is no rule seven.