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That’ll sock it to them libruls

Recently seen bumper sticker:
The #1 Endangered Species?
The Pre-Born CHILD!
It’s a CHILD …Not a CHOICE!

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Yeah, last time I checked we were almost out of humans on this planet and our growth rate in all areas of the globe (especially third world countries) has come to a complete halt. I also wrote that ad and created the Internet.

Funny story. true. I was cruising to my client on Orchid Island, when after about fifteen minutes, I realized I did not have NPR on, rather a christian radio station. Now understand, where we live, there must be sections of bandwidth dedicated to these folk. They tend to gather at the lower and upper ends of your dial. So I listen to the good word, just because I was feeling rather challenging, and couldn’t wait to undo thier pretzel logic
(The beliefs in this posting do not reflect the beliefs and or opinions of the Webmaster, his site, or any of his ilk.).
So …the Christians claim, that your existenz has been pre ordained by HIS word, and that you are in HIS book. Allways wuz, always will be. Also, that at conception, the vessel that will be you (your fetus) is now bound to your soul in the now and everlasting, and all that other stuff that seems to belong to just HIM. And that’s why it’s just plain wrong. At least according to them. No special circumstances, no nothin. Scary. And I’m surrounded by them.

I just realized, in Dune terminology, the pre-born are children who come to full awareness and consciousness in utero, often “possessed” of all the memories of their ancestors.
Makes the bumper sticker even creepier.

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