The week so far…

Days of the week: 3; Accidents: 4; Loser: Jonathan

  • Days of the week: 3
  • Accidents: 4
  • Loser: Jonathan

Quick highlights:
Monday a.m.: Blow circuit on heat lamp by touching electric element to metal. Scare cooks at Applebees with nice 220 volt spark.
Result: Embarrassment

Monday p.m.: Fail to turn gas valve completely off before working on safety valve on stove. Scare cooks at different Applebees by setting own hair on fire.
Result: Mostly an awful smell… and embarrassment

Tuesday p.m.: Run current through poorly re-wired compressor until run capacitor blows from pressure, shooting gooey, battery acid-like substance on self and compressor.
Result: If no one was around to see it, is it still embarrassing? Yes.

Wednesday p.m.: Stop for ambulance going through intersection, get slammed in rear by kid in a Cougar. Bumper on van works well; Cougar’s hood sheared halfway to windshield.
Result: Concern for kid in Cougar, but both walk away without injury. Well, one gets towed away. Oh, and embarrassment.