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Diploma-mill spam

I’ve gotten a couple of weird spam emails in the past couple of weeks. My spam filters are set extraordinarily high, but occasionally a few creep through, like these two below, which had no actually web address to click on. Instead, I was invited to call a phone number that a reverse trace revealed to be somewhere in Washington state.
The first was titled *Requested Material*, which is a sure sign that I never requested the material:
>Just a Reminder;
>Our University Enrollment department has been trying to contact you.
>The date for enrolling in our 2 week degree program is ending on
>Friday, November 25th, 2005.
>As of now we can only offer you a BA, BSc, or a MA.
>If you enroll by the due date then your degree of choice and transcripts
>can be sent to you within 2 weeks.
>Enrollment Office:
>Riley Lewis
>BSc Education
>Administration Office
*BSc Education*, huh? That must be Ivy League. I can get a Bachelors or Masters degree in two weeks? Wow! Sounds easier than Harvard Business School, where any dumb president can earn a solid “C.”
The second, titled *Re:Education*, a lovely pun, was received two weeks later, where I was relieved to learn that they finally broke through the bureaucratic loggerhead that prevented them from offering me a doctorate in only two weeks. But I’m a little concerned about any University that can’t actually spell “university” correctly:
>Based on your present knowledge and past life experiences our University administration office has been trying to contact you. We feel you may qualify for one of our Univsersity*(sic)* degrees in your area of expertise.
>We have been qualifying people based on thier experiences in past and present jobs and are offering qualified degrees with transcripts for those that qualify.
>If you call our offices now we can confirm our information and send you either a Bachelors’, Masters’, or Doctorate within 2 weeks.
>Administration Office Number:
>Administration Hours:
>24 hours, 7 Days a week, including Sundays and Holidays
>University Administration
>Eric Moore
>Client Identification: Q6491
This one didn’t even put in the “BSc Education” name, which is probably nonsense anyway, and just settled for the ubiquitous *University Administration*. So is this a guy in a basement with a laser printer and some fancy paper who prints up degrees on demand? I’m tempted to call up and ask for a degree in *Cartoonology* or somesuch. Something that would really help me get ahead, you know?
And what a difference a dash makes. I originally read “past life experiences” as “past-life experiences” and thought of Scientology, but it was just phrased awkwardly and not actually referring to my previous existence as [Charlemagne][1], which would easily earn me a degree in “Bat-shit Crazy.”
[1]: “Anyone with European blood in them is supposedly related to him. At least according to Kurt Vonnegut.”

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Got one too–
the first one.
Leo Moore though.. kinda weird.
and dated that the program ended dec 16!

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