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Hawt Biznez

After several years of questionable tax practices (just kidding Mr. IRS-man), I have finally made it official. MacPhoenix Design is open for business. Now let the millions come rolling in. Despite being a poor schlub, I like to do the right thing as far as software and fonts and such. When I’m working on something for myself, like Halloween invites, I don’t stress too much about what typeface I’m using and how it was obtained, but when I do commercial work, even for things I put on CafePress, I like to make sure I actually own the typeface I used. I mean, it’s the very least I can do, since I am, uh, testing several hundred fonts. Actually, I tend to stick to the fonts that Microsoft and Adobe install with their software, which fits my need, especially on the web, 90% of the time. But I used to work at Kinko’s, and people would install crazy amounts of fonts on the self-service computers there. When we cleaned the machines out, we would inevitably save a copy of whatever was put on there. On a SyQuest 88, of course. Ah, the memories. Anyway, as I said, I like to do the right thing. Now that MacPhoenix Design is going legit, I decided that I really should get a license for Pike, the typeface that is the base for the MacPhoenix logo. I went to FontHaus to order it, and filled out the registration, when, during confirmation of my data, FontHaus told me I was already registered. I checked my voluminous email archive for a receipt from FontHaus, and, sure enough, I had purchased Pike over two years ago. This made me feel exceptionally good about myself.

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